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Tudorglen Dachshunds


Tudorglen Dachshunds is located in Southern California. We are show breeders of miniature Dachshunds and our primary purpose is to raise the next "Best in Show" Miniature Dachshund.
Breeding outstanding dogs is an art and a science, and we don’t take the responsibility lightly.  We plan at least a year or more in advance, and we do the research. We test temperaments, screen for genetic issues, and make absolutely sure that we know all of the ancestors in the pedigrees. We breed only show quality dogs so if we have a litter, either one or both parents are AKC champions. Our dogs live in our house and puppies are raised in our kitchen. We are not “volume” breeders because of the work and time involved in properly raising each litter while continuing to love and cherish the adult dogs. 

For us, breeding our show dogs is not a business venture, it’s truly a labor of love. We breed to better the breed and hopefully contribute beautiful dogs to the gene pool while also providing the best pet puppies available.
Our original goal was to produce a line of Mini Smooths that consistently and predictably produce dogs with outstanding temperament, correct conformation, and outstanding type and breed character. We’ve reached that goal and have set a new bar…introducing folks who have an interest in showing their dogs to the incredible world of AKC conformation dog shows. Our’s is a sport that celebrates the relationship between a beautiful dog and it’s owner. Our sport doesn’t require great athleticism, it requires love and patience and a great attitude.  We actively mentor folks who are interested in showing their dogs and we would love to have that conversation with you. We do this in the hopes that someday you might pay it forward. 

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