Tudorglen Dachshunds


Tudorglen Dachshunds is located in Southern California. We are show breeders of miniature Dachshunds and our primary purpose is to raise the next "Best in Show" Miniature Dachshund.
We seldom breed but when we do, it's planned at least a year in advance, and we do the research. We test temperaments, screen for genetic issues, and make absolutely sure that we know all of the ancestors in the pedigrees. We breed only show quality dogs so if we have a litter, either one or both parents are AKC champions. Our dogs live in our house and puppies are raised in our kitchen. We plan for no more than one litter per year because of the work and time involved in properly socializing each puppy while continuing to love and cherish the adult dogs. 

We don't breed for profit as there is really no money to be made, we breed to better the breed and for the sheer enjoyment of showing a puppy that has our years of research and planning evidenced by championship titles and prestigious show wins. We follow strict health and nutritional rules and vet check puppies at two week intervals. Puppies are identified for life with micro chips.
Our mission is to produce a line of Mini Smooths that consistently and predictably produce dogs with outstanding temperament, correct conformation, and outstanding type and breed character.